The rock'n roll chick

The rock'n roll chick

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Soon it's time to celebrate Easter with the family, a good opportunity to tinker with children. Here is a little chick easy, fast and economical to make children. You can even create a whole barnyard.

Completion time : 10 minutes

Difficulty : easy

Cost : about 2 €

Cécile Dard

All our crafts.

The rock'n roll chick (7 pics)


- 1 roll of empty toilet paper
- 1 tube of yellow gouache paint
- feathers
- small moving eyes
- yellow or orange chenille thread
- felt or red or orange paper
- glue
- brush
- scissors

Step 1

We prepare the chick!
It's child labor, just paint the empty roll of toilet paper all in yellow.
It is allowed to dry well.

2nd step

We pierce the chick
It's your turn to work, make a small hole on each side of the roll at 40% of its height.

Step 3

Funny little paws!
The children pass the caterpillar stem from the inside to bring out one end on each side.
It is then necessary to form legs with three claws which will pose on the ground. To do with your help for the little ones.

Step 4

Cut a red or orange triangle in felt or paper. If you do not have one, cut out a triangle of white paper and have the children color it red.
Then glue this beak and the two moving eyes on the top of the roll. If you do not have mobile eyes on hand, cut two rounds of white paper and draw a small black circle in the center to make eyes.
You can add lashes to feminize the chick if needed.

Step 5

A rock'n'roll chick
For a finishing touch that appeals to children, stick a few feathers planted in the top of the roll, if possible of several colors.

He is ready…

Admire the work!

Council +: On Easter day, you can add some small flowers to the feathers to decorate the table or fill the Easter egg chick.

Cécile Dard

Easter all our info.


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