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We can do things with leaves! We found a book, beautiful. His name is L'Arbrier. It invites your child to discover the trees, to recognize the leaves. Then to create a drawing with. Whether you buy this beautiful album or not, take inspiration from his method. First, you have to pick up the leaves ...

Step 1

  • In the square, in the forest one picks up lots of different leaves. It's a fun game for your toddler. The dead leaves make splitch, splotch under the boots. Goal ? Collect leaves, all different, which invites your child to observe them well, to compare them, to classify. Take in two or three of each kind.
  • Il can dig up, for example, a beautiful leaf of serrated plane tree, a horse chestnut leaf as wide as a fan. He can also pick up a beech leaf, smaller, with regular curves or a long chestnut leaf.

2nd step

  • At home, we make prints. Protect the table with newspapers. Install your child. Prepare with him your painting with water, the color of his choice. Cover with a brush or a small roller a beautiful autumn leaf. Put it on your sheet of paper. Dab gently with a cloth and peel off the autumn leaf from the backing. That's it ! You have created a beautiful print. Give some paint if necessary to make others.

What is this book L'Arbrier?

  • It is a very intelligent work for moms who can not recognize trees and for children who have imagination. Each leaf is drawn very simply as well as its footprint and the silhouette of its tree to identify it in nature.
  • Then, he proposes to play with these prints: a print of beech leaf becomes a little tadpole (we only have to add eyes and a small tail), a alder leaf turns into turkey feathers and full Leaves in smoke chimney ... Say so, it will make pretty Christmas cards and for the day of the year all that, right? At Albin Michel, by Delphine Chedru, 14,90 €.

Agnes Barboux

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