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The Polo Worlds

The Polo Worlds

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Your toddler probably already loves the very gentle character of the Polo dog created by Régis Faller. He can find it today in a new application "Les Mondes de Polo" to discover from 3 years.

  • Your toddler from 3 years will love to find Polo in this new application "The Worlds of Polo", which offers 4 games of awakening, including 1 free. Games that offer a soft, poetic universe full of surprises as the little ones love.
  • Your child will help Polo to jump from cloud to cloud, go on a treasure hunt in the ocean, walk through a labyrinth of plants and exercise his ear with a musical workshop to discover the sound of instruments and learn the different rhythms ...
  • An application developed by Bayam, the Bayard Group's digital youth label, which offers children a variety of fun-educational content (applications, games, images and digital readings).
  • For iPhone and iPad, soon available in Android version.
  • His price : 3,59 €.


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