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Small diseases around sex

Small diseases around sex

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An empty purse, a red glans, a twisted pee jet: the genitals of a child sometimes experience incidents of course! The advice of our specialist, Professor Georges Audry, urologist pediatric surgeon at Armand-Trousseau Hospital in Paris.

  • When it comes to a small concern about your child's sex, you tend to panic. Especially as the complicated names that describe the pathologies of the genital tract - phimosis, hypospadias, testicular ectopia, we pass and better! - are not made to reassure you. To better know and tame these diseases that all have solutions, the explanations of Professor Georges Audry.


What is going on ?

  • In the vast majority of cases, this phenomenon is completely normal and will resolve during childhood without any intervention. More rarely, we are in the presence of a real phimosis: an abnormal narrowing of the tip of the foreskin that prohibits the capping.

How to treat?

  • When it is a phimosis and the child is over 3 years old, local treatment is set up with corticosteroid ointment. In 75% of cases, these powerful anti-inflammatory agents make it possible to soften the foreskin ring. Problem fixed !
  • In case of failure, we go to surgery. The surgeon decides on the most appropriate technique. Either a plasty of the foreskin: it incises the ring of the foreskin to widen it. Either a circumcision: he practices the ablation of the foreskin. These interventions are done in outpatient, your child does not sleep in the hospital.

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