The Penguins of Madagascar

The Penguins of Madagascar

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Completely frosted, these penguins! In this new film from DreamWorks Studios, we find featured the four penguins of Madagascar's first penguins for crazy adventures of espionage. A good time to share with family with your little cinephiles from 6 years.

What is the story ?

  • It is in the first film Madagascar (2005) that the penguin brothers of the title made their first foolishness on the big screen ... They were only secondary characters, but quickly became the darlings of the spectators, big and small, with their banter and their fun. DreamWorks American studios have decided to devote a whole movie to them (we call it a spin-off).
  • We learn that Commander, the intrepid leader, Kowalski, the brains of the band, Soldier, the gentle naive, and Rico, the most valiant, will ally themselves with the secret organization Wind of the North. Their mission: to prevent an octopus thirsty for revenge, aka Dr. Octavius, to destroy the world ...

What we think

  • Let's face it: the scenario, disconnected, borders the big anything and multiplies the improbabilities. The scenario, in fact, the authors make fun of it royally, it is only a support to their wildest deliriums.
  • Provided you accept this bias, the new DreamWorks game will delight you. Our penguins form a totally frosted quartet, as endearing as hilarious. Imagine the Marx Brothers in Mission: Impossible, or the Dalton disguised as James Bond: the film keeps the cape of fun and parody to a ruffling finale, a cross between Gremlins and the Minions.
  • Visual finds abound in this inventive and over-stimulated show, which you will discover in its 3D relief version.

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Laurent Djian

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