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The secrets of a successful sunset

The secrets of a successful sunset

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In recent years, sudden infant death has declined significantly. Encouraging results, achieved thanks to numerous preventive measures. Here is a little reminder of these safety rules.

1. Lay your baby on your back

  • Lay your baby on your back, not on your stomach or on your side, in a room heated around 19 ° C. His bed must be as bare as possible : no pillow or quilt, or even a bedstead too thick (in fine cotton, why not, to prevent him from burying his nose!). Avoid the pile of stuffed animals, a blanket is enough.

2. No to useless gadgets

  • Do not fall in love with the baby's hold. No need to prevent your child from moving freely. It should rather be used to stand on his stomach on his waking mat, during the exchange, etc., to help strengthen his neck and thus allow him to react when he will turn in his bed. As for the cushion "flat head", there is no certainty that it is effective, worse, it is not dangerous.

3. No cosleeping

  • It is estimated that 30 to 35 children die each year in France under the parental blanket. You can breastfeed in your bed ... but put your baby back in his after feeding!

4. Watch out for bed crafts!

  • Do not install any mattress in his crib. It must be perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the bed. Do not try to "tweak" the umbrella bed. Some parents find it too rigid to add a second mattress. Useless and above all very dangerous if there is space between the mattress and the vertical wall of the bed in a space in which your baby could get stuck.

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