The strawberry charlotte

The strawberry charlotte

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But what does this charlotte hide? Strawberries, of course ... but also all the talent of your apprentice cook who will be able to achieve - with your help - this recipe proposed by the chef Pierre-Olivier Lenormand.

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The strawberry charlotte (18 pics)


It is necessary :
500 g strawberries
1 lemon
4 cl of grenadine syrup
12.5 cl of water
170 g caster sugar
6 sheets of gelatin
25 cl of liquid cream
20 biscuits with spoon


a bowl
a mold
a knife
a fork
of the food fi lm
two salad bowls
a wooden spoon
a brush
a measuring cup
an electric mixer
a maryse
a cutting board
a juicer
a saucepan

Step 1

Pour some cold water on a deep plate.
Soak about 5 minutes the gelatin leaves

2nd step

Cut the lemon in half.
Press it.

Step 3

Pour the juice into a saucepan.
Add 70 g of sugar.
Keep the remaining 100g for later.
Pour 2.5 cl of water.
Keep the remaining 10 cl for later.

Step 4

Bring the mixture to a boil.
Remove the saucepan from the fire. This is a good syrup!
Add the squeezed gelatin leaves. Mix and let cool.

Step 5

Wash the strawberries under the water.
Removes the tail and leaves.

Step 6

Crush with a fork 400 g strawberries to make puree. Keep 100 g whole strawberries aside.

Step 7

Pour the strawberry purée into a salad bowl.
Add the syrup.

Step 8

Pour the liquid cream into a bowl (preferably cold).
Whip the cream with the electric mixer until it becomes thick.
It must double in size and look like whipped cream.

Step 9

Pour half of this cream in the salad bowl by mixing with a wooden spoon.
Add the other half of the cream by mixing with a spatula.

Step 10

Cut the remaining 100 g strawberries into pieces.
Pour the pieces in the salad bowl.
Mix with a wooden spoon.

Step 11

Pour the remaining 10cl of water into a saucepan.
Add the remaining 100 g of sugar.
Add 4 cl of grenadine or strawberry syrup.
Put the pan on the fire and bring the mixture to a boil.
Mix everything.
Remove the fire. Here is another syrup!

Step 12

Spread this syrup on the biscuits with a brush.

Step 13

Arrange the soaked biscuits at the bottom and all around the rosette mold.
The rounded portion of the biscuits should be against the wall of the mold.

Step 14

Pour the contents of the salad bowl in the middle of the biscuits.

Step 15

Cover your mold with a food film and slide it into the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

There you go !

When your strawberry charlotte is cold, unmold it on a plate or dish.
Yum, do we eat?
A recipe from the book: Les Gâteaux, 5 recipes by chef Pierre-Olivier Lenormand illustrated by Julie Mercier, ed. Milan, coll. The recipes of The Nutcracker.
In 2010, chef Pierre-Olivier Lenormand opened his restaurant Le Casse-Noix in Paris.