"Mom, you feel good!"

"Mom, you feel good!"

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A bouquet ... of perfumes for Mother's Day, the beautiful idea! For our Mother's Day selection, we left on gourmet notes because moms love it. Which will not stop you from thinking about the bouquet of flowers.

"Mom, you feel good!" (10 photos)


Coffee and vanilla in the spotlight for this sensual floral. Amor Amor, Forbidden Kiss, Eau de Toilette: 53,50 € 50 ml (Cacharel).


Pralines, citrus pulp and vanilla for an intoxicating aroma. Nina, Eau de Toilette: 61,50 € the 80 ml (Nina Ricci).


Bitter cocoa and praline, a greedy wake. Taste of Perfume, Angel, Eau de Parfum: 72,50 € 35 ml (Thierry Mugler).


Mango, caramel and vanilla mingle. Something About Sofia, Crescent Row, Eau de Toilette: 36 € 30ml (Benefit).


Citrus, orange blossom and vanilla ... a subtle blend. Mi Fa Marshmallow, Eau de Parfum: 90 € the 100 ml (Reminiscence).


Loukoum with rose and vanilla, irresistible agreement. Rose Water & Vanilla, Intense Cologne: 98 € the 100 ml (Jo Malone).


Cassis, tangerine and blackcurrant, fruity accords. In Love Again, Eau de Toilette: 73 €, 80 ml (Yves Saint Laurent).


Liquorice, green mandarin zest and meringue, an amazing wedding. Liquorice Water, Eau de Toilette: 48 € the 100 ml (Caron).


Vanilla, licorice and violet haunting. Midnight Black Eau Couture, Eau de Parfum: 90 € the 100 ml (Lolita Lempicka).


Blood orange, jasmine, rose and mandarin, a subtle fragrance. Miss Dior, Eau de Parfum: 74 € the 50 ml (Dior).


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