Christmas 2014: our selection of toys 1-3 years

Christmas 2014: our selection of toys 1-3 years

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Looking for good gift ideas, but do not want to turn on the shelves? We did it for you and offer a selection, age by age, of connected toys, classics, eco-friendly, educational, funny ... Thank you who?

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Christmas 2014: our selection of toys 1-3 years (19 photos)

Porter Louloup

Not crazy, this funny carrier will run in the house from 12 months. 92.40 e (You're crazy Louloup).
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Maloo plays hide and seek

To play hide-and-seek as a real friend, the Maloo monkey has no equal. He reacts to the voice and his eyes change expression over his emotions. Very good !
€ 44.99 (Ouaps).
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House of wooden forms

A set of installation from 1 year to learn shapes and colors with 12 colored pieces. With its handle, this house is carried everywhere.
€ 7.79 (Brio).
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Zebra Trampoline

For your equilibrist from 18 months, a funny zebra to bounce well.
64,50 € (Room Studio).
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Owl Shape Sorter

This rubber toy is both eco-friendly and original. 4 shapes to replace in the right place to encourage color recognition and promote hand / eye coordination.
25, 90 € (Plan Toys).
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Ethnic Minikiss Poupon

Too cute, this doll in plastic and fabric (27 cm) is cuddling from 12 months. and when you press your stomach, he kisses!
€ 12.70 (Smoby).
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These 4 funny turtles can detach and attach easily between them. Made of 12 pieces to stack, they will help baby learn shapes and colors.
From 18 months old.
19,99 € approximately (Janod).
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Little Love magic stroller

This 3-in-1 stroller turns into a snap in a cot or high chair. Just rotate it. It also triggers songs to discover the alphabet, numbers and colors, sounds and light effects depending on the mode. The baby is sold separately.
$ 49.99 (VTech).
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Mistinguette Jeannette doll

Les Mistinguettes, these little Parisian dolls with a vintage look in fabrics, modern and fresh! And our Jeannette has lots of girlfriends: Colette, Paulette, Suzette ...
34, 50 € (The Mistinguettes).
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Jim the dachshund

The famous Brio dog launched in the 50's is now declined as a carrier. The child sits comfortably on the wooden seat and pushes on his feet to move while standing at the handles. The dachshund happily shakes his tail as he walks.
90 € approximately (Brio).
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Litte Live Pets

A pet bird for children from 1 year old. This interactive bird sings 30 different bird sounds and even has a 10 second voice recorder.
Several models to choose from.
€ 12.99 (Kanal Kids).
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My apprentices pop stars

On board their van, these funny rabbits ride the road of learning with your child. To each his specialty to learn by singing and having fun: figures for the green rabbit, letters for blue and colors for yellow.

From 18 months old.

23,90 about (Tomy).

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Felix's cook

Delivered with many accessories, this pretty cooker makes it possible to play top chefs! In lacquered wood, it is especially designed for small hands.
34, 80 € (Djeco).
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This 3 in 1 skateboard (balance board, scooter, skateboard) is an evolutionary toy designed to gradually develop the balance and offer your child his first sensations of gliding. From 2 years old.
€ 49.90 (Chicco).
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The octopus with mischief

Here is a funny game to develop the address and the observation. This malignant octopus sings, dances and turns on itself to the beat of the music. Have the child slide the multicolored balls into his mouth and catch them when they come out of his hat!
From 1 year old.
€ 22.99 (Ouaps).
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My rocking horse

With its handles easy to catch, it will carry your little rider from 2 years in a fantastic ride.
65 € (Nature and discoveries).
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My car to repair bilingual

For your curious baby from 18 months, a vehicle to tinker to develop its manual coordination and its awakening to English with 50 different interactions: songs, melodies and sound effects.
39.90 € approximately (Chicco).
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Lumin Water Lighthouse

These colorful cups for pouring, stacking ... turn into a lighthouse once construction is complete. The figurine of the lighthouse keeper then sets up to activate the music!

From 18 months old.

14,95 about (Tomy).

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Magicalin soft toy

When you press your can ... this plush soft night light is illuminated in 7 different colors.
From 18 months old.
34,99 € (Splash Toys).
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