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Why our favorite names? Because they are those of our children! Names more beautiful and original than each other! Léa, Victor, Noah, Salome, Sacha, Timothy, Nicolas ...: discover the origin, the date of the festival and the derivatives of the first names of our offspring. And vote for your favorite to you!


  • Female first name.
  • Hebrew "lea", tired, or Latin "leo", lioness.
  • The Bible tells us of a Leah tired from crying over her fate. Promised to the seductive little Esau, she will eventually take the place of her sister Rachel to marry Jacob. If this name has always had a good career in Anglophone countries in the form of Leah, its success was later in France, but it is triumphant. Today, he is well settled. Attempted ?
  • His party : March 22nd.
  • Its derivatives: Léane, Léana.


  • Male first name.
  • From Latin "victor", which means the winner.
  • Victor was one of the most common names in the first centuries of Christianity before sinking into oblivion, or almost, to reappear in the mid-eighteenth century. First in Italy and then in France, it was very popular in the 19th century. Saint Victor was a high-ranking Marseillais, martyred in 290, during the persecutions ordered by the Emperor Maximilian.
  • His party : July 21st.
  • Its derivatives: Vic, Vick, Victoric, Victorio, Viktor, Viktorik, Vittorio.

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