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We discover Sophie Forte

We discover Sophie Forte

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In the car, in the evening, while cooking together ... we put in loop "I'm green", the last record of Sophie Forte. A happiness to share with family. (News of 08 and 09/08/09)

What does Sophie Forte sing?

"My little brother, my little brother

Comes from the other side of the earth

We are both funny

They look like dominoes. "

  • That's how Sophie Forte attacks her new album, with a lot of poetry, flutes that make us travel to the end of the world and a beautiful melody composed as always by his pianist and accomplice, Antoine Sahler.

Adoption, but also divorce, stepfamilies, ecology ...

  • It is true that she is not cold in the eyes. A subject is sensitive? She attacks it with the look of a little girl. Left to play tremolos in her voice to tell her parents who are separating that she loves them both, or to replicate at the pace of a pouting tone (which is so well Anne Sylvestre also in his fabulettes) : "I have not that, you have it, beware of you, give it to me ..."
  • Flutes, piano, keyboards, a jew's harp and then children's choirs on some songs ... and again the refreshing voice of Sophie Forte. Rich and varied, this is the new album and your little music lover will hang.

Practical information

• His last record? "I'm green", label Victorie Music, Universal Music.

• But also a site:

Agnes Barboux

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