We knit for the Restos Bébés du cœur

We knit for the Restos Bébés du cœur

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From June 8 to 23, 2015, the Tricot Solidaire association and the Phildar brand are launching a challenge for knitters to support the Restos Bébés du cœur.

  • Do you like to knit? From June 8 to 23, 2015, take part in the operation launched by Tricot Solidaire and the Phildar brand in favor of the "Restos Bébés du cœur".
  • The goal ? Mobilize in favor of needy babies and knit 20x20 cm squares with needles or hook, squares that will be used to make pretty blankets, small creations (comforters, hats ...).
  • No need to be an expert, it's easy to do. All colors and all points (except jersey) are accepted.
  • You have until June 23 to bring your creations in the shops Phildar (they are 160 in France) or send them to Escapades Sambre-Avesnoises - Knitting Solidarity - B.P. 50 010 - 59 611 Fourmies Cedex.
  • More info on //

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