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We visit an ecomuseum: the Daviaud museum in Vendée

We visit an ecomuseum: the Daviaud museum in Vendée

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In France, a whole network of eco-museums is developing. Head to the west coast to visit one, close to the ocean: the Daviaud Ecomuseum and its salt marshes. A breath of fresh air!

What is an eco-museum?

  • It is a place of exchange. A place where you learn to love nature and the people who live there. A place that tells their story.
  • In the Pays de Monts, the Daviaud Ecomuseum, in the open air, invites you to enter its salt marshes. Throughout this walk, you will learn how families lived in the nineteenth century
  • You will also discover the fauna and flora. Perfect to make your children aware of nature, its beauty, and teach it toddler to protect it.

What do children like at the Daviaud Ecomuseum?

  • A treasure hunt. From 5 years, your children are invited to help Thomas and Clementine to find the bag of salt disappeared by responding to the riddles and riddles of the small notebook distributed at the entrance.
  • Workshops. Learn how to make bread or butter that must be stirred and stir again. After, we just have to taste.
  • The game of giant goose in the barn. The rule is simple, you roll the die and answer (or not) the questions. But the most fun is to jump from box to box.
  • Still in the barnwe dance, we sing there every day. Workshops resurrect past folklore.

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