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Scabies, what is it?

Scabies, what is it?

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She was thought to be gone ... but no, she's still here! Unjustly considered a shameful disease, scabies is a very contagious skin condition that can affect adults and children alike. Our explanations.

Scabies, what is it?

  • Infectious disease of the skin, scabies is caused by the sarcopter, a mite, invisible to the naked eye. By digging under the skin of small tunnels, to lay eggs, the female parasite causes lesions and itching.
  • Scabies is not a serious illness even if it is very contagious. Most often, it is accompanied by some characteristic symptoms:
  • Skin lesions, red, sinuous, shaped "gallery" of a few millimeters long corresponding to the path of the parasite under the skin.
  • Severe itching or pruritus, especially at night. Pruritus scratching can cause inflammation or even damage to the skin and cause secondary infection.
  • Itching and lesions are usually located between the fingers, the inside of the wrists, armpits, buttocks, genitals, ankles and back.
  • In infants, itching intense and nocturnal, can be replaced by a twisting, especially when the child is undressed. Indeed the baby tries to calm down by rubbing his back

How is scabies transmitted?

  • The transmission of scabies is done primarily by direct contact, skin against skin, with an infected person. It can also occur through indirect contact, through the environment, mainly linen and bedding but also furniture made of absorbent materials (fabric sofa or leather ...).
  • This skin condition can affect everyone and community life, especially in nurseries, schools, high schools, homes, retirement homes, hospitals, promotes contamination.
  • Because they have close physical contact with their family in daily life: parents, childcare staff ... Babies are particularly vulnerable and may have signs of scabies.

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