Place to nature!

Place to nature!

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Pine cones, leaves, flower petals, nuts, twigs ... it does not take more to make fun objects and rather amazing! You do not know what to do today? Offer your child this session of "briconature".

Place to nature! (5 photos)

Mr. Forest

Material: a large pine cone and a smaller one, peanuts for the base, a nut for the head and a few twigs, pieces of straw, dried flowers and branches.
Production : paste the peanuts to make the base and stick on the big pine cone, then the nut for the head.
Hang twigs or small branches with elastics to make the arms and place the dried flower and the small pine cone there.
For Monsieur Forêt's hat, stick twigs, dried petals, etc.
Let dry well so that the guy does not collapse.
You can also make Madame Forest by making a skirt with two dried leaves.

Cradle or boat with walnut

Material: halves of empty walnut shells, felt or scraps of fabric, glue, a small round ball for the baby's head, buttons or flat beads for the wheels, matches.
Realization of the boat: cut into the felt or fabric the bottom of the boat and the sails.
Place a thick drop of glue on the bottom of the nut shell and apply a thin layer of glue around the edges.
Glue the bottom of the boat and plant the match on which you have glued the sails.
Let it dry.
Realization of the cradle: cut into the felt or fabric, pillow, sheet and blanket of cradle and hair filaments.
Place a thick drop of glue on the bottom of the nut shell and apply a thin layer of glue around the edges.
Place the bottom sheet and the pillow.
Stick the hair on the round ball and place the baby in the cradle. Cover it with the blanket.
Stick 2 matches under the cradle and attach wheels to the end.

Envelopes have potato

Material: potatoes, a small kitchen knife, colored envelopes, gouache, pencils or colored markers.
Production : in the potato, cut out shapes of leaves and fruits to make tampons.
Dip the pads in the gouache and gently apply on the envelopes to make pretty patterns.
Draw the details with pencils or markers.
Here are pretty envelopes ready to be posted!

Manolo the gardening

Material: a large piece of stiff cardboard, drawing paper, a shoe box, glue, felts, brushes, ribbon, a small collection of autumn items ...
Production : draw and color the gardener on the drawing paper, cut it out and stick it on the back of the shoebox.
Glue one arm to the front. and hang the ribbon to make a scarf.
Place the fall objects in the gardener's basket.

Autumn paintings

Material: large pieces of stiff cardboard, glue, dried leaves and petals, twigs, etc.
Production : Let your artist make his own work of art! And try too ...