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Why does she like to play the doll?

Why does she like to play the doll?

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Your daughter is still claiming you a doll? She loves to cuddle her baby and would like another? But why does she love playing the doll so much? The answers of Stéphane Clerget, child psychiatrist.

Why do little girls like to play dolls?

  • Stéphane Clerget: One of the reasons why little girls like to play the doll is that the doll allows them to interact with a representative of herself. While playing with her doll, the little girl repeats moments, experiences, that she lived with her parents, her nurse, or her big sister. She can interpret them, understand them intellectually and integrate them emotionally. The doll is a cognitive and emotional learning tool.

At what age do little girls start playing dolls?

  • Stéphane Clerget: The little girls start playing there a little before 15 months. The little boys also at this age play with a doll, a doll if they do not have one, which they perceive as a representative of themselves. As soon as their motor skills allow them, the children reproduce what they live: they give the bottle to the baby, put clothes on him, kiss him, carry him ... This is an important step in the development of the child because that he reproduces what he is an object of: he acts in mirror, in imitation, with the persons who take care of him.

When is the little girl 3-4 years old who represents her doll?

  • Stéphane Clerget: The doll can always be an alter-ego, a self-representative, but she can also be a friend. When the child enters kindergarten, the doll represents another self, with which the little girl experiences social relations. She reproduces the social relations she has with girls of her age.

Does the little girl reproduce with her doll the relations she has with her friends, her mistress?

  • Stéphane Clerget: In his game, there is imitation, but there is also a lot of imagination. The child creates from his emotional feelings, from situations she has observed, other different scenarios. She adds things that are imaginary. A little girl who plays the mistress and who hits her doll, that does not mean that she is banged at school!

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