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Why is it so small?

Why is it so small?

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The big fat baby pink and chubby ... nothing to do with your little flea to you and it worries you a little.

  • A fragile little thing, that's what your baby thinks about. You know that curves are not necessarily a sign of good health, but you worry. And what if he often gets sick by not having enough reserves? Not to mention that it is tiring to beat each meal to eat more.
  • Our specialist explains the different reasons why a baby can be a menu and tells you what to do.

It is small because it eats but it benefits him little

  • It is not a concern that your child is small, provided that his weight curve is harmonious and that his body mass index (size divided by the weight squared) is in the standards (see the health book) . Heredity can also explain these differences, as does prematurity. In this case, and especially if the birth weight was lower than the average for the term, it is necessary to wait 2 years before your toddler recovers a weight according to his age.
  • What has to be done. Your child eats well and certainly can not swallow more. On the other hand, you can enrich your diet by putting grated cheese or a little cream in your mashed potatoes from 8 months. Favor the fat to the sweet, to which it is likely to take too quickly sugar taste.

It is menu because it has a bird's appetite

  • He spits out his puree after two spoonfuls and barely touches his compote. As long as he does not lose weight, what he ingests is enough for him. His body has the capacity to store the maximum nutrients from his diet. But by the way, does he eat so little?
  • What has to be done. To find out, take stock of everything he swallows over three days. You will surely find that he eats more than you think. If he quibbles with you but devours with others, do not force him. He might stumble. Take this as a proof of love: we only provoke those we love ... especially if "it works"!

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