Santa: let's enter his world

Santa: let's enter his world

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Your child talks to you all day long about Santa Claus, normal! The spirit of Christmas is everywhere and he has no doubt crossed it ... What lies behind this myth? Is this a lie that is good? How to talk to him and answer his questions? How old is he going to believe it? We take stock!

How old does a child believe in Santa Claus?

He talks to you all day long about Santa Claus, normal! How old is he going to believe it? It depends on a lot of things in fact. We tell you everything.

For or against Santa Claus?

Is it wise to make him "believe in Santa Claus"? Is there a risk of getting confused between reality and imagination? Here are 3 good reasons to talk to him about it. Then you choose.

8 questions about Santa

What do you really know about this old gentleman? Discover it with this quiz in 8 questions and amaze your elves the day they ask you "Who's Santa?"

Mom, who's the real Santa Claus?

At the fifth Santa in the same shopping street, you think that your child will eventually doubt his existence. Besides, he starts to frown ...

How to tell him about Santa Claus?

"Where will he go if we do not have a fireplace?", "How does he know I live here?" Your child only talks about Santa. How to answer him? Is it lying to him?

10 ways to nail him to Santa

Your elf chained questions about Santa Claus? So full that it takes our head. Here are 10 small animations to answer him with humor.

Write to Santa

The countdown before Christmas is launched. The opportunity for your little one to write his letter to Santa Claus. Quickly, a pen, an envelope, a destination ... Libourne, where the Santa Claus secretariat is waiting for his mail. He also accepts mails!

Santa: how to help him wait

December for children is the month of waiting! Many ask: "How many Christmas dodos?" Here are some ideas to take advantage of this period to help them learn patience ...

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