Name Alette - Meaning and origin

Name Alette - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Of Germanic origin, generally considered derived from Adelheid, the name Alette means the "secret of the blood".


There is no famous Alette. On the other hand, for Arlette, first name quite common and very close to Alette, we can mention Arlette Laguiller, politician, and Arlette Léonie Bathiat (Arletty), French actress.

His character :

The Alettes have a great emotivity, sometimes hidden under what can be taken for coldness. Basically, they are selfless and generous. Although courageous and determined, the Alettes tend to fall back on themselves in the face of hostility. Conscious of their intelligence, they fiercely defend their points of view.



His party :

There is no special party reserved for Alette.

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