Birth is coming ... and impossible to reach dad!

Birth is coming ... and impossible to reach dad!

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Contractions every 5 minutes ... and the future dad remains to absent subscribers? No future mother can not help but fear that chance - exceptionally - hurts things. Think "positive" and consider the alternatives.

Priority: prevent maternity

  • On the phone, tell the doctor or midwife the frequency and "feel" of the contractions. Mention also whether or not you have lost the waters. These elements will allow him to evaluate the level of urgency of your arrival: most of the time, he will assure you that you have all your time. It's good to be reassured, but it's also great to announce your arrival: the team is ready to welcome you.

A departure alone? No car or public transport

  • If the maternity home is close to your home and your maternity contact has evaluated your baby's arrival in a minimum of two hours (the maximum is rarely predictable), go on foot ... this exercise may make you even earn appreciable minutes on your "work time".
  • No question of taking the car, a dizzying contraction could make you lose track of the reality of the traffic. As for public transport ... do you feel able to face the eyes of other travelers while you are under the "impact" of the pain of contraction? If only for this reason, it is better to give it up.

Plan a plan B, it is always useful

  • If you are anxious that Daddy is not there at the T point, make sure you have a second pilot well before you give birth to the people in your family, your good (or good) friends. Today, the qualities required are of the order of practice and little emotional: that the car is parked as close as possible to your home ... and, of course, that the driver is available!

Why not a taxi?

  • Nobody is available? Call a taxi. Their drivers have no reputation for enthusiastically welcoming women who are about to give birth. Afraid to be forced to improvise obstetricians? Fear of seeing their work tool degraded by the loss of water? Crap with their vigilance. Do not specify neither your state nor the place where you go (Maternity of Flowers, please!) ... only the address (77, rue des Fleurs roses). The counter is already turning, even if the driver finds you a huge belly, he will probably hesitate to get you off his vehicle ... especially as the law sanctions a refusal charge!

The ambulance, the ideal solution

  • As a far-sighted future mom, you've already noticed at least a month ago the numbers of the ambulance companies, Samu and firefighters on the block near the phone.
  • If you have lost the waters, it is (and the motherhood will have "ordered" from the outset) to an ambulance company that you must address. It is indeed desirable to make the elongated journey.
  • Even if you are not in this situation, very slightly critical only (!), It is in your best interest to use paramedics. Available day and night, 7 days out of 7, they are excessively diligent. In addition, the "race" will be reimbursed by Social Security (provided that the mother has requested a transport prescription and hospitalization certificate).

Firefighters, only in case of emergency

  • Firefighters are really the last resort! Their function is not to play paramedics, but to intervene as quickly as possible to save the situation. That's why they provide the minimum transport service: the maternity ward of the hospital closest to your home ... even if it is not the one you have chosen.


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