Name Alixe - Meaning and origin

Name Alixe - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The feminine form of Alix, the name "Alixe" comes from Adelaide. The latter comes from the German "Adal and Hild", which means "noble and fight".


French writer and journalist Alix de Saint-André, French saxophonist Alix Combelle, French actress Alice Pol, French singer Alice Dona, Armenian-born French singer Alice Sapritch.

Sainte Alix The Clerc is a nun Lorraine born in 1576 and died in 1622. It was after a serious illness that she devoted herself to religious life. She founded many schools and a religious order of teachers, the congregation of Notre-Dame.

His character :

Alixe has an assertive and independent character. She is energetic in temperament, but she is also very willing. She is authoritarian to herself, but also to others. That's why she likes to set an example by being disciplined. Direct and loyal, she is very frank and failure can make her susceptible. From an early age, she feels the need to please and be admired. She will be a tender, romantic and affectionate woman.


Alix, Alice, Allix, Alyx.

His party :

The Alixe are celebrated on January 9th.

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