Name Allyson - Meaning and origin

Name Allyson - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Allyson comes from the Germanic language. This is the Anglo-Saxon form of Alice. The name Allyson is composed of the words "adal" and "hild" which mean "noble" and "fight".


British actress and singer Allyson Brown or Allyson Ava-Brown (Bear Behaving Badly, 400m American athlete Allyson Michelle Felix, the most successful female athlete in the history of the Olympic Games, French actress Alysson Paradise, sister of Vanessa Paradis ...

Allyson's patron saint is Alice, also known as Adelaide. She was the wife of Othon the Great, founder of the Holy Roman Empire. Remained widowed in 973, she reigned with wisdom. Very pious, she died serving the poor in a monastery near Strasbourg.

His character :

The Allyson are girls who have strong ideas. They choose their friends and relationships carefully. Very voluntary and perfectionists, they often do everything to avoid conflicts. They often tend to keep what they feel and do not easily share their problems. The Allyson are very intuitive and attentive to others ... a predisposition that destines them to listening and consulting professions.


Alice, Alison, Alyson, Alysson, Alison, Allison, Alysone, Alissone, Alison

His party :

The Allyson are celebrated on December 16th.

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