Name Almeria - Meaning of origin

Name Almeria - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Spaniards, Germans

Meaning of the name:

In the Spanish language, the name Almeria comes from the word "Alhama" which refers to people coming from the province of Almería. In Spanish and Arabic, this first name means "princess". In the Germanic language, it means "to work" or "to govern".


Almira Skripchenko is a great international master of French-Moldavian origin, a mixed international master of chess and a poker player.

His character :

Almeria is a girl full of energy. Having a great vitality, she is hyperactive and dynamic. Always ready to invest in a project or a cause, she seems indefatigable. Nothing is difficult enough for her, and in the long run, the others are exhausted to want to keep up with her. Almeria loves adventure and change. This free spirit is based on its independence and hates being hindered by constraints. Always taking life on the bright side, she is light and prefers to have fun rather than work. She does not like to follow the traditional ways of society, preferring to chart her own path. Her nonchalant and avant-garde attitude makes her an original, almost a marginal, but labels do not interest her. Almeria is a being endowed with great intelligence and an even greater curiosity. Focusing on all possible and existing areas, she is dedicated to the study of many topics. However, despite the overwhelming energy, she finds it difficult to concentrate on everything she does, to the point that the projects she started are often botched or never completed.


Almira and Almirah.

His party :

There is no party for people with the name Almeria.

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