Name Annabel - Meaning of origin

Name Annabel - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Annabel is a derivative of the first name Anne. He comes from the Hebrew word "hannah" which means "graceful".


French writer and singer Annabelle Buffet, French judoka Annabelle Euranie, French actresses Annabelle Hettmann, Annabelle Milot, American actress Annabelle Moore;

St. Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. After twenty years without descendants, an angel finally came to announce that she would give birth to Mary. It is said that she took refuge in Brittany after the death of Jesus. She is the patron saint of Brittany, mothers, women in childbirth and widows.

His character :

Annabel is a girl who has the joy of living. Nobody ever gets bored in his presence thanks to his sense of humor. She always has the word to laugh. Annabel likes to meet new people and does not hesitate to go to others. She also has her heart on her hand and will not hesitate to offer her help. Above all, Annabel wants her family and friends to be happy. She also needs to know that she is appreciated and valued. She needs encouragement to feel comfortable and feel good about herself. It's your turn !


Annabelle, Anne, Anna, Anabella, Annabel, Anabel, Annabella, Anabela, Anabella, Annabele, Anabele, Annabela

His party :

July 26th.

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