First Name - Meaning and direction

First Name - Meaning and direction

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This name refers to Armenia, a country that separates the European continent and Asia.


Reference in the world of Fine Arts, Armen Saakyan is a great painter who stands out for the originality and the meticulousness of his paintings.
Bold colors, brutal frescos and a touch of humor are the special features of Armen Eloyan's paintings.
Armen Zakarian is a recognized scientist who teaches in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California.

His character :

Armen stands out for its beauty and charm. It's impossible not to notice him when he passes on the street. Smiling, communicative and very sociable, he loves making friends and making new friends. It goes without saying that Armen has a donjuanesque inclination. Her charming smile and penetrating gaze leave few women indifferent. He is in search of great love, but in the hope of finding it, he multiplies the conquests.

Professionally, Armen is serious, conscientious and meticulous. He stubbornly seeks perfection and encourages his colleagues to do the same. This born leader never flinches on issues of rigor and professional ethics. Promised for a bright future, Armen feels the need to be the best in everything he does.

Armen's masculinity is just a mask for hiding a sensitive, vulnerable and very emotional man. In her heart of hearts, Armen seeks emotional security and aspires only to feel loved and surrounded.


The first name Armen has no derivatives.

His party :

There is no specific holiday for Armen.

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