Name Athanaise - Meaning and origin

Name Athanaise - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Athanaise is a name of Greek origin, derived from that of the goddess of arts and war Athena, from the Greek word meaning "the chosen" or "the favorite".


There are no celebrities named Athanaise here. Will your princess change the situation?

His character :

Athanaise is an adorable little girl, energetic and capricious. She is appreciated for her bright smile and incredible liveliness. Thoughtful, she prefers to understand and interpret in her way rather than accept a ready-made idea on a subject that concerns her. Attracted by the games "boy", she likes to play the doll as well as tinkering a small house for the latter. Never lacking in ideas, creativity or innovation, Athanaise can spend hours working around the world. Listening to her talking about extraterrestrials, mythology, witches and dragons is never tiring, she has imagination. She can turn any cardboard or tin can into a magical object and is particularly interested in the history of the world and its development. Particularly affectionate and demonstrative, Athanaise is often in search of attention and hugs.


Arthéllaïs, Athéna, Athénais and Athalante are variants of the first name Athanaise.

His party :

It is celebrated on March 3rd, in honor of Saint Arthéllaïs of Constantinople.

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