Name Carmelo - Meaning and origin

Name Carmelo - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Carmelo is a male given name from the Hebrew "Carmel" meaning a group of hills of Galilee. "Carmel" means "Vine of God".


Carmelo Bene (writer, director and Italian director), Carmelo Anthony (professional basketball player of American origin), Carmelo de la Pinta (painter and engraver of Spanish origin), Carmelo Di Napoli (singer, performer and Italian composer), Carmelo Soares (singer, dancer and choreographer from Cape Verde) and Carmelo Gómez (Spanish actor).

His character :

Carmelo is a gentle boy, calm and not very expressive. He is none the less determined, serious and responsible. Endowed with a brilliant mind and an unparalleled curiosity, he always tries to understand everything. Of a romantic nature, Carmelo is also sentimental and always ready to help others.


Carmel, Carmela, Carmeliane, Carmella and Carmello.

His party :

Carmelo is celebrated July 16th.

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