Name Celse - Meaning of origin

Name Celse - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This original name comes from the Latin "Celsus". It means "very good" or "excellent".


Celse is an antichristian polemicist of the 2nd century.
Celse is a Roman philosopher, epicurean of the 2nd century. Around 178, he wrote an analytical work entitled "True Speech."
Celse is a Roman physician and author of "Arte medica", a 1st century work on ancient medicine. He is nicknamed "the Cicero of medicine"
Celse-Bénigne de Rabutin is the son of Christophe de Rabutin, Baron of Chantal, and Jeanne-Françoise Frémyot. He was born in 1596 at the castle of Bourbilly.
Celsus is under the protection of a martyr named Celse, who died in 66 and was still alive in Milan. Another Irish patron saint called Celse, celebrated on April 1st, is associated with this name.

His character :

Celse is known for his strong personality. Stubborn in nature, he appears as an authoritarian and uncompromising individual. Depending on the circumstances, he is impulsive because of his explosive temperament. On a daily basis, Celse is impatient, lively and proactive. It's full of energy. He puts his courage and fighting spirit at the service of his ambitions. He has a keen business sense and good morals. Nevertheless, his dynamism sometimes leads him to instability. In fact, his horoscope significantly influences his personality. It is all the more bubbling when his date of birth occurs in May. In his life, Celsus constantly wants to impress others. He loves to be admired and contemplated, which accentuates his agitated side. On a professional level, Celse's personality leads him to scientific professions, liberal professions, tourism and travel.


Celsin, Celson, Célin, Celce and Cell.

His party :

October 14 is the date dedicated to Celsus.

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