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The Savoyard quiche

The Savoyard quiche

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Tonight, family meal! What if we made a delicious cheese quiche? This is an idea that will melt your apprentice cook. Our recipe for four hands.


1 puff pastry

2 potatoes slices of tomme de Savoie

1 big tomato 3 whole eggs

1 glass of fresh cream



a few slices of bacon.

Step 1

• Grate the potatoes directly on the puff pastry and ask your child to spread the pieces in the pie dish.

2nd step

• Ask your child to gently place slices of tomme de Savoie and tomato slices on potatoes.

Step 3

• Beat the eggs with the cream and the rest of the ingredients for a few seconds. Pour on the dish. Bake for half an hour in the oven, thermostat 7 (210 ° C). Serve.

Council +

To change, you can replace the Tomme de Savoie with Comté, Emmenthal or Gruyère, or even any other cheese!

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