Name Corantine - Meaning of origin

Name Corantine - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Corantine comes from Celtic "korventenn" which means "hurricane".


The French cartoonist Corentin Rouge, the Fransiscan father Corentin Cloarec, the French footballers Corentin Jean and Corentin Tolisso ... not yet small Corantine.

Saint Corentin, also known as Kaouritin or Kaour, is the first bishop of Quimper. This hermit fed, it is said, on a single fish that miraculously covered his flesh. Having shared this meal with King Gradlon while he was lost, the monarch decided to appoint him first bishop of the diocese of Quimper.

His character :

Corantine is a generous person who does not hesitate to fight for his family and friends. Optimistic in nature, she is able to provide encouragement to everyone. His wise advice will benefit more than one. Corantine is also hardworking and persevering in everything she undertakes. She will often succeed in her projects with a strong determination. Sensitive, Corantine needs the affection of those she loves to be happy. He is also a tolerant and adaptable person. Corantine will make a point of honor to respect its promises and its duties.


Corentyn, Quorentin, Corentin, Korentin, Corenthin,

His party :

The Corantines are celebrated on December 12th.

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