Demétrien Name - Meaning and direction

Demétrien Name - Meaning and direction

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Meaning of the name:

In the Greek language, the name Démétrien comes from Déméter, the name of the goddess of fertility. It also means "lover of the earth" or "the one who loves the earth".


Demetri Mitchell is an American footballer.
Demetri Martin is an American actor, comedian, musician, artist and author.
Demetri Betts is a singer-songwriter and American model.
Demetri Catrakilis is a South African rugby player.

His character :

Démétrien is a sociable, nice and open boy. Her greatest pleasure is to meet people and communicate with those around her. Talkative and cheerful, he is regarded as a teaser by all his acquaintances. With a creative spirit, Démétrien is an outstanding artist. Able to do everything with his hands, art and do-it-yourself have no secrets for him. This great worker is deeply involved in everything he undertakes. Conscientious and responsible, he makes every effort to complete the tasks entrusted to him as soon as possible. Demetrian is a great optimist. Although he knows that life is not easy, he can not be easily defeated. Dynamic and playful, he is a source of inspiration when his friends or acquaintances are confronted with problems that seem to have no solution. Having a pragmatic spirit, he is not lost in vain speculations. Finding the best solution as quickly as possible is its leitmotiv.



His party :

There is no party for people with the name Démétrien.

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