Name Dusan - Meaning of the Name

Name Dusan - Meaning of the Name

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Meaning of the name:

This charming masculine name derives from the Slavic "dusha" which means "soul" or "spirit".


Dušan Lajović is a Serbian professional tennis player from Belgrade, finalist of the ATP tournament in doubles at Umag with teammate Franko Škugor.
Dusan Milutinovic is a senior executive at the Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport platform. He is the director of Aéroville.
Dušan Veškovac is a Serbian professional footballer occupying the central defender position at the French club Toulouse Football Club.
Dušan Tadić is a Serbian football player who plays for England's Southampton FC. He occupies the position of midfielder in club and national team.
Dusan Djuric is a Swedish footballer of Serbian origin trained in Halmstads who recently played in the modest Odense club.

His character :

The adage "happy to play, unhappy in love" is well known to Dusan. Indeed, the boy is very good at business. He has all the qualities to succeed in this field and become a successful business leader. Its instant nature allows it to seize all the opportunities that come its way. He would make a fabulous career as a straightener of troubled companies. Its enormous energy reserves allow it, among other things, to be particularly active. It would not be surprising to see him embark on a sports career. This would allow him to use his explosiveness and dynamism in a good way. On the contrary, the native knows a very tumultuous sentimental life. In his life, he has a hard time meeting the right person. Faced with this situation, Dusan must seek the right balance between his career and his personal life.


Duan, Doran, Duran and Customs.

His party :

No known date dedicated to Dusan.

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