Name Emerik - Meaning and origin

Name Emerik - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from the name Aymeric from the Germanic words "haim" (house) and "ric" (powerful), the name Emeric symbolizes a fortress and refers to a place where one feels safe.


There are few famous Emerik, including Emerik Fejes, a great Hungarian painter.

Emerik is honored with Saint Emeric of Hungary. It is the son of Saint Stephen, the first Christian king of Hungary to accede to the throne. Saint Emeric died before his father and could not inherit the throne.

His character :

The one with the name Emerik has the profile of a knight. Its advantages ? Will, passion, concentration and strength. Mysterious, Emerik hides under a discreet facade, even modest. Despite his brave character, Emerik is shy. It bubbles from the inside, but only explodes when you abuse your patience. Attracted by beautiful things, Emerik likes to please, but also and above all, to have fun.


Emeric, Aimeri, Aymeric, Aimeric, Emerick, Emerick, Emeryc, Emeryck, Emmer, Emmerick, Hemerick, Hemeric, Emeryk and Emerique.

His party :

The Emeric are celebrated on November 4th.

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