Name Emerson - Meaning and origin

Name Emerson - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from the English name Emerick, the name Emerson comes from the Germanic "Heim and rick" whose meaning is "house and king, mighty".


Emerson Ferreira da Rosa, former Brazilian international footballer, Emerson Newton-John, American racer, Emerson Giovanelli, Spanish researcher in molecular nanoscience

The name Emerson is associated with St. Emeric, the founding king of the Hungarian Christian kingdom around the year 1000. He is the son of St. Gisele and St. Stephen. He loved visiting monasteries.

His character :

The name Emerson is often worn by reserved, introverted and secretive people who dread a little life in society. These traits of their personality are particularly visible through the choice of their relationships with others. In other words, the Emerson pick their dating before opening up fully.

This aspect of their personality, however, remains associated with an immense inner strength and a lot of intuition.


Emeric, Emersson, Loving, Emre, Aimeric, etc.

His party :

The first name Emerson is celebrated in principle on November 4th.

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