Name Enoal - Meaning and origin

Name Enoal - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Of Celtic origin and used in Brittany, it is close to the name Enola which means "the one who looks, who discovers the world".


No celebrity is named Enoal. Your treasure may be talking about it in the future!

His character :

From an early age, Enoal likes to serve. He will not hesitate to help his mother to do the dishes or fold the laundry. At school, the little man does not pray to rescue his comrades who are in need. That's why he will often be involved in recess brawls where he will play the role of superheroes. Nice and affectionate, we quickly attach to Enoal.


Enoalis, Enoual, Enoalis, Enoel, Enoam, Enobi, Eno, Eno, Eno, Eno, Eno, Enoch, Enos, Eno, Enora, Enorah, Endal, Kendall, Eniola, Eno, Eno, Enogh, Enohn, Enoch ...

His party :

No holy Enoal. However, St. Endal is celebrated on May 5th. The latter was the disciple of Saint Columban, the patron saint of bikers.

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