First name Firmine - Origin and description

First name Firmine - Origin and description

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Firmine is a name inspired by the Latin term "firmus" referring to the meaning of "firm in its convictions".


French actress Firmine Richard.

Saint Firmin was a great evangelizer of the sixth century of Gaul Narbonne. He was a disciple and friend of St. Césaire d'Arles.

His character :

Firmine is an enterprising, determined and particularly active woman. Experiencing a constant need to spend, she juggles with several projects without getting tired. Dynamic, it makes good use of all its abilities and skills to achieve its goals. Endowed with a methodical spirit, she reconciles with ease work and private life without neglecting one or the other. A woman of principles, Firmine acts according to her own convictions and is therefore not easily influenced.
Professionally, Firmine seduces its superiors with its dynamism, responsiveness and efficiency. She has all the skills required by her trade and fulfills them appropriately. Clever and applied, she knows how to act discreetly and her results are often worthy of her efforts.
Firmine is a loyal friend, although her frankness can sometimes offend those around her. In friendship, she shows less diplomacy and says openly, often without tact, the substance of her thoughts. Firmine is nevertheless appreciated for this sincerity.


Firmino, Firmina and Firmin.

His party :

The Firmines are celebrated on October 11th.

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