First Name - Meaning and direction

First Name - Meaning and direction

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Garret originates from the Germanic terms ger and herd meaning "lance" or "spades" and "hard" or "brave".


Garret FitzGerald was an Irish politician who twice held the post of Prime Minister of Ireland.
In the world of cinema, there is Garret Dillahunt (American actor known for having played the role of Matthew Ross in the series "The 4400"), Garrett John Hedlund (American actor who played Patroclus in the film titled "Troy "), Garrett Backstrom (American actor), Garrett Brown (American filmmaker behind the steadicam system) and Garrett Clayton (American dancer, singer and actor who played Blake in the movie" A dance for Christmas ").

His character :

With a manly appearance, Garret exudes a great sense of self-confidence, strength and dynamism. However, behind this facade hides a sensitive, emotional, understanding and tender. Although he is individualist, Garret needs others to flourish, consolidate his leadership and exercise his authority. Elegant, courteous and sensitive to beauty, he likes to look after his appearance and is a great seducer who enjoys being admired. In love, Garret is passionate, romantic and dedicated. He always tries to please the being who is dear to him and does everything to avoid any kind of conflict.


Garrett and Gareth.

His party :

The Garrets are celebrated on October 3rd.

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