Gualbert Name Meaning And Origin

Gualbert Name Meaning And Origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Originally a surname, "Gualbert" is a unisex name derived from the Germanic terms "wald" and "berht" which means "the one who governs". This name can also mean "brilliant" or "illustrious".


Originally from Florence, Italy, and founder of the religious order of Vallombreuses, Jean Valbert or Galbert died at the age of 88 on July 12, 1073 in his monastery.

Gualbert Adohoueto is the author of the collection of poems "The Thorns of Drought".

Gualberto Ibarreto (1947) is a Venezuelan singer.

Gualberto Ferrari is a director, consultant and screenwriter.

Gualberto Villarroel López was the president of Bolivia from 1943 to 1946.

Gualberto Olmos Mojica (1984) is a Bolivian football player.

Alaide Gualberta Beccari was a social reformist, pacifist and feminist Italian.

Gualberta Adelaide Beccari is the founder of the Italian newspapers "La donna" and "L'alleanza".

His character :

The sense of humor is probably one of the main qualities of Gualbert. Very anxious to please and please, they are the type to bend in 4 and make constant efforts to be in good harmony with their loved ones. They hate negativity, aggression and arguments and express a great need for love and peace. The Gualbert are actually much more sensitive and affectionate than they seem and often hide their emotions and tenderness behind humor.


Gualberto and Gualberta.

His party :

July 12th.

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