Guilene Meaning - Birth

Guilene Meaning - Birth

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Origin of first name:

French, Germanic, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Variant of Ghislaine, Guilene also comes from the Germanic terms "ghil" and "lind" respectively meaning "hostage" and soft ".


No known Guilene, your princess may be ...

Ghislain who lived in the 8th century was the first abbot and founder of a monastery that he established as the center of a new agglomeration near Mons in Belgium. The city Saint-Ghislain in Belgium bears his name.

The famous personalities named Ghislaine are very few. Among them are Canadian feminist activist Ghislaine Sathoud, comedienne singer and Quebec host Ghislaine Paradis, Belgian cook Ghislaine Arabian revealed by the TV show "Top Chef", the politician Ghislaine Toutain, the actress Ghislaine Dommanget, the politician from New Caledonia Ghislaine Arlie, the dancer Ghislaine Thesmar and the investigative journalist Ghislaine Ottenheimer.

His character :

Discreet, reserved and somewhat casual, the Guilene attach great importance to their privacy and their secret garden. Paradoxically, they do not like loneliness and prefer to meet up with family and friends. Little talkative, they are great observers who take great pleasure in analyzing things in depth.


Ghylane, Gislaine, Gislena, Guilaine, Guislaine, Guylaine, Guilaine, Guillen, Guilhen, Guilhene, Guylene, Ghislain and Ghislaine.

His party :

October 10th. On this day we celebrate Saint Ghislain who was bishop of Athens and a monk of the 7th century. Assigned to the responsibility of evangelizing the north of Gaul, St. Ghislain jumped on the occasion to found an abbey near the Mons region and led a chaste life until his death in the year 685.

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