Name Hadama - Meaning of origin

Name Hadama - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Hadama is a derivative of Adam. Like the latter, Hadama has two Semitic origins, one Hebrew and the other Babylonian.

By its Hebrew origin, Hadama is transcribed by adama translating as "man made of red earth", which echoes what some linguists say Hadama comes from Dam meaning "blood", ofadom translated as "red" oradamah meaning "earth".

Because of its Babylonian origin, Hadama translates as "man" or "humanity".


Hadama Bathily, Franco-Guinean footballer from Etoile FC.

His character :

From an early age, Hadama hates injustice. He is an authentic and reckless child. Hadama is sensitive and endowed with great emotional intelligence. He will instantly capture the vibrations emanating from his surroundings, whether positive energies or negative waves. Charismatic, Hadama will further develop a certain ascendancy over his comrades. Hadama cares deeply for his loved ones and loves them faithfully and lovingly.

Ambitious, Hadama will seek soon to come true. His attitude will generally be at the height of his aspirations and success will be at the rendezvous.


Hadamah, Adama, Adamah and Damanhi.

His party :

Like Adam and his derivatives, Hadama may be celebrated on May 16 in memory of an Italian saint named Adam who died in Italy on May 16 in the 13th century. Another Hadama Feast: In other countries where Adam is considered the first of men, Adam and his derivatives are honored every December 24th.

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