The messenger crow of Christmas

The messenger crow of Christmas

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A DIY idea for your elves ... Better than a simple wish list for Christmas, here is a messenger who will take the list of gifts to Santa Claus. Nice!


  • Black cardstock
  • Yellow, blue and black card
  • A piece of felt (fabric) red
  • An envelope
  • White wool and feathers
  • A small white cotton ball
  • Adhesive glitter
  • Clothespins
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • A cutter


1. Cut the raven shape into the black card stock. Cut out the beak, the eyes and the legs in the yellow card and the boots in the blue. Glue the elements on the raven's body.

2. Fold the black cardboard accordion-shaped.

3. Stick a clothespin behind the spout. Stick the feathers on the raven's tail. Cut a slit in the back of the raven as shown in the picture. Pass the accordion through the slit and unfold on its outer edges to reveal the raven's wings.

4. Cut a hat in the red felt (it can also be done with cardboard). Decorate by sticking wool on the edge. Also decorate with wool the top of the boots. Stick the cotton ball to the top of the hat.

5. Sprinkle small adhesive pads on the raven and glue wool balls.

6. Paint the envelope to decorate it, put the wish list on it, then attach the envelope to the raven's beak with the clothespin.

This diy was devised by Sabine Lohf ( for Familiscope