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Also known as chicory, chicory endive grows in the dark which gives it its white color. Raw or cooked, endive is a mine of benefits ... and probably one of the least caloric foods.

When is the endive season?

  • Endives are found in abundance from October to May on our stalls. Today, thanks to improved conservation techniques, it can be found all year round, but it is better to enjoy it when the season is in full swing.

Its nutritional qualities

  • With only 15 cal / 100 g, we can hardly make lighter.
  • Yet endive brings a interesting rate of potassium, vitamins and antioxidants. Finally, the fibers of its leaves promote intestinal transit, especially if the vegetable is eaten cooked.

Keep it

  • Endive resists a week in the cool in the refrigerator or in the cellar in a plastic bag. The maintenance in the dark is important, because it avoids the appearance of green zones, bitter, under the effect of the light. A cool endive is easily recognizable by the purple spots that appear on its leaves.

To taste it

  • Raw or cooked, it's a delight. For those in a hurry, know that it cooks very well in the microwave, 2 minutes maximum power.
  • Often denigrated by children, the endive owes its unpopularity among the youngest to its bitterness, sometimes too pronounced. It is enough to soften it to remove the cone from its base and add a touch of sugar at the end of cooking if you prefer it cooked.