Easter nest all mimi

Easter nest all mimi

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Warm in their nest, these eggs were beautiful for Easter ... A fun DIY to propose to your chicks.


  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Easter egg paint
  • Stickers shaped rings
  • A thin wire
  • Herbs, branches
  • Color wool

Easter nest all mimi (6 pics)

The Easter Nest: Step 1

1. Make a face on the egg: glue two rings for the eyes and a half-ring for the mouth. Before making the face of the egg, it is best to degrease with dishwashing liquid so that the stickers are fixed perfectly on the egg.

Easter Nest: Step 2

2. Dip the egg in the Easter egg paint. Take it out after a break and remove the rings glued on it.

Easter Nest: Step 3

3. To make the nest, start by wrapping the branches to form a crown.

Easter Nest: Step 4

4. Wrap the end of the branch firmly in wire. You can now wrap the little crown with the wire all around. Its two sides are tied by a thread. Tie the end of this thread.

The Easter Nest: Step 5

5. Wrap colored wool around the crown.

The nest of Easter: step 6

6. Put the decorated egg in its nest. There you go !

This craft was designed by Sabine Lohf (


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