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Garou's Christmas Kangaroo

Garou's Christmas Kangaroo

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In the heat, the floor creaked like a cracker. At this time of the year, Garou the kangaroo was no longer in place. Every night, his mum would read Santa's stories to him, and every night Garou would gaze at the pure sky, imagining that a red man with a white beard would soon come up.

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  • - Where are you going ? asked Romeo, his friend the dingo, crossed on the way. - I visit my grandfather, Papu. At his age, he has trouble getting around. - Can I come? - Of course.
  • Papou the old kangaroo seemed to sleep in the shade of a eucalyptus tree. He opened his eyes painfully as he heard the two friends approaching. he said happily. Two kangaroos! - I'm not a kangaroo, said Romeo, I'm a dingo.- Oh good? Sorry my boy, my sight is not what it was! Everything is vague around me. In short! So children, are you in a hurry to receive a visit from Santa Claus?
  • Garou spoke at length about the excitement he felt, the gifts he was hoping for, and his grandfather enjoyed listening to him. The old kangaroo finally nods several times repeating: - It's good ... it's good ...
  • Then his look seemed to fade, gone to distant regions. - When I think Santa Claus, I've never seen it ... Too bad, I would have liked. Only once. Then he seemed to recover and said, "If you meet him, say hello to him from old Papou!"

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