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Christmas of Enzo the elephant

Christmas of Enzo the elephant

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The trunk hanging on his mother's tail, Enzo the elephant dreamed. "Santa arrives tonight, and this time, no way to miss it! Well, last year, I fell asleep, but it was an accident. With today's nap, I'm sure to hold on!

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  • When the walk was over, he left his parents for the preparations for Christmas Eve and trotted to the waterhole in search of his friends. The trio was there well.
  • Eusebius the zebra was watching William the hippo roll in the mud while Edmond the giraffe was drinking close to him. Well, I'm going to see Santa Claus tonight! Enzo told them with a clear idea in mind. replied Edmond. Like last year! - You wanna bet? Enzo replied. By the way, you would not want to come with me? Could we go to the shelter of a grove and watch for it? William asked after consulting the other two. See you here at midnight? - See you here at midnight! they resumed in chorus.
  • The evening took place in the enveloping sweetness of their respective families. At the appointed hour, William, Edmond and Eusebius went out into the sleeping savannah and reached the rendezvous point. Concealed by tall grass, they waited. Where is Enzo? Edmond worried quickly, searching the half-light of his eyes. "I'm sure he's still going to sleep! said Eusebius. He is a champion! He asks us to join him and he is not here! While we could do like him, sleep, instead of waiting for Santa Claus we have no chance to ... of ...

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